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Olympiad Medal Results

1984: Fencing - foil team Women

1984: Fencing - foil team Women

Athlete Nation Medal
KIRCHEIS-WESSEL, Ute West Germany Gold
WEBER, Christiane West Germany Gold
HANISCH, Cornelia West Germany Gold
BISCHOFF, Sabine West Germany Gold
FUNKENHAUSER, Zita-Eva West Germany Gold
DAN, Aurora Romania Silver
WEBER-KOSZTO, Monika Romania Silver
OROS, Rozalia Romania Silver
MOLDOVAN-ZSAK, Marcela Romania Silver
GUZGANU-TUFAN, Elisabeta Romania Silver
MODAINE, Laurence France Bronze
TRINQUET-HACHIN, Pascale France Bronze
LATRILLE-GAUDIN, Brigitte France Bronze
BROUQUIER, Veronique France Bronze
MEYGRET, Anne France Bronze