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Olympiad Medal Results

2008: Hockey - hockey Men

2008: Hockey - hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KORN, Oliver Germany Gold
WITTHAUS, Matthias Germany Gold
ZELLER, Philipp Germany Gold
ZELLER, Christopher Germany Gold
WESS, Benjamin Germany Gold
NEVADO, Carlos Germany Gold
MEINERT, Niklas Germany Gold
KELLER, Florian Germany Gold
WITTE, Philip Germany Gold
WEISSENBORN, Tibor Germany Gold
MONTAG, Jan-Marco Germany Gold
MUELLER, Maximilian Germany Gold
BIEDERLACK, Sebastian Germany Gold
FUERSTE, Moritz Germany Gold
HAUKE, Tobias Germany Gold
WESS, Timo Germany Gold
WEINHOLD, Max Germany Gold
TUBAU, Eduard Spain Silver
FERNANDEZ, Juan Spain Silver
SALA, Albert Spain Silver
FABREGAS, Alex Spain Silver
CORTES, Francisco Spain Silver
ARBOS, Eduard Spain Silver
FABREGAS, Francisco Spain Silver
ALEGRE, Ramon Spain Silver
AMAT, Pol Spain Silver
ENRIQUE, Sergi Spain Silver
SOJO, Victor Spain Silver
OLIVA, Roc Spain Silver
RIBAS, Xavier Spain Silver
GARZA, Rodrigo Spain Silver
FREIXA, Santiago Spain Silver
ALEGRE, David Spain Silver
DWYER, Jamie Australia Bronze
DE YOUNG, Liam Australia Bronze
HAMMOND, Rob Australia Bronze
KNOWLES, Mark Australia Bronze
OCKENDEN, Eddie Australia Bronze
GUEST, David Australia Bronze
DOERNER, Luke Australia Bronze
SCHUBERT, Grant Australia Bronze
GEORGE, Bevan Australia Bronze
SMITH, Andrew Australia Bronze
LAMBERT, Stephen Australia Bronze
MATHESON, Eli Australia Bronze
WELLS, Matthew Australia Bronze
BROOKS, Travis Australia Bronze
BROWN, Kiel Australia Bronze
KAVANAGH, Fergus Australia Bronze
ABBOTT, Des Australia Bronze