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The Results for FASTRICH, Hans-Henning

Olympiad Medal Results

1988: Hockey - hockey Men

1988: Hockey - hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
TAYLOR, Ian Charles Boucher United Kingdom Gold
PAPPIN, Veryan Guy Henry United Kingdom Gold
FAULKNER, David Andrew Vince. United Kingdom Gold
BARBER, Paul Jason United Kingdom Gold
MARTIN, Stephen Alexander. United Kingdom Gold
POTTER, Jonathan Nicholas M. United Kingdom Gold
DODDS, Richard David Allan United Kingdom Gold
GRIMLEY, Martyn Andrew United Kingdom Gold
BATCHELOR, Steven James United Kingdom Gold
LEMAN, Richard Alexander United Kingdom Gold
KIRKWOOD, James William United Kingdom Gold
BHAURA, Kulbir Singh United Kingdom Gold
KERLY, Sean Robin United Kingdom Gold
CLIFT, Robert United Kingdom Gold
SHERWANI, Imran Ahmed Khan United Kingdom Gold
GARCIA, Russell Simon United Kingdom Gold
SCHLIEMANN, Christian West Germany Silver
FRANK, Tobias West Germany Silver
HANEL, Horst-Ulrich West Germany Silver
FISCHER, Carsten West Germany Silver
MOLLANDIN, Andreas West Germany Silver
SCHMIDT-OPPER, Ekkhard West Germany Silver
BRINKMANN, Dirk West Germany Silver
DOPP, Heiner West Germany Silver
BLÍCHER, Stefan West Germany Silver
KELLER, Andreas West Germany Silver
RECK, Thomas Werner West Germany Silver
BRINKMANN, Thomas West Germany Silver
FASTRICH, Hans-Henning West Germany Silver
HILGERS, Michael West Germany Silver
FRIED, Volker West Germany Silver
METZ, Michael West Germany Silver
KOOIJMAN, Hendrik Jan Netherlands Bronze
DELISSEN, Marc Netherlands Bronze
BRINKMAN, Jacques Netherlands Bronze
SCHLATMANN, Gert Jan Netherlands Bronze
STEENS, Timotheus Bernardus Netherlands Bronze
BOVELANDER, Floris Jan Netherlands Bronze
FABER, Patrick Franciscus Maria Netherlands Bronze
JANSEN, Franciscus Ronaldus Maria Netherlands Bronze
KRUIZE, Jan Hidde Netherlands Bronze
PARLEVLIET, Erik Robbert Netherlands Bronze
VAN DEN HONERT, Taco Netherlands Bronze
LEISTRA, Frank Netherlands Bronze
BENNINGA, Marc Alexander Netherlands Bronze
DIEPEVEEN, Cees Jaan Netherlands Bronze
CRUCQ, Maurits Netherlands Bronze
KLAASSEN, Rene Nico Hubertus Netherlands Bronze