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Olympiad Medal Results

2004: Softball - softball Women 2008: Softball - softball Women

2004: Softball - softball Women

Athlete Nation Medal
AMICO, Leah United States Gold
WATLEY, Natasha United States Gold
TOPPING, Jenny United States Gold
OSTERMAN, Catherine United States Gold
NUVEMAN, Stacey United States Gold
MENDOZA, Jessica United States Gold
KRETSCHMAN, Kelly United States Gold
JUNG, Lovieanne United States Gold
HARRIGAN, Lori United States Gold
FREED, Amanda United States Gold
FLOWERS, Tairia United States Gold
FINCH, Jennie United States Gold
FERNANDEZ, Lisa United States Gold
BUSTOS, Crystl United States Gold
BERG, Laura United States Gold
WYBORN, Kerry Australia Silver
WILKINS, Brooke Australia Silver
WARD, Natalie Australia Silver
TITCUME, Natalie Australia Silver
ROCHE, Melanie Australia Silver
PORTER, Stacey Australia Silver
MOSLEY, Tracey Australia Silver
MORROW, Simmone Australia Silver
HODGSKIN, Natalie Australia Silver
HARDING, Tanya Australia Silver
EDEBONE, Peta Australia Silver
DOMAN, Amanda Australia Silver
CRAWFORD, Fiona Australia Silver
CARPADIOS, Marissa Australia Silver
ALLEN, Sandra Australia Silver
SATO, Yuki Japan Bronze
TAKAYAMA, Juri Japan Bronze
MISHINA, Masumi Japan Bronze
IWABUCHI, Yumi Japan Bronze
ITO, Kazue Japan Bronze
INUI, Emi Japan Bronze
YAMAJI, Noriko Japan Bronze
NAITO, Emi Japan Bronze
YAMADA, Eri Japan Bronze
SAITO, Haruka Japan Bronze
SATO, Rie Japan Bronze
SAKAMOTO, Naoko Japan Bronze
UENO, Yukiko Japan Bronze
SAKAI, Hiroko Japan Bronze
UTSUGI, Reika Japan Bronze

2008: Softball - softball Women

Athlete Nation Medal
UENO, Yukiko Japan Gold
EMOTO, Naho Japan Gold
SAKAI, Hiroko Japan Gold
SOMEYA, Mika Japan Gold
MINE, Yukiyo Japan Gold
INUI, Emi Japan Gold
ITO, Sachiko Japan Gold
SATO, Rie Japan Gold
NISHIYAMA, Rei Japan Gold
HIROSE, Megu Japan Gold
MISHINA, Masumi Japan Gold
FUJIMOTO, Motoko Japan Gold
KARINO, Ayumi Japan Gold
MABUCHI, Satoko Japan Gold
YAMADA, Eri Japan Gold
JUNG, Lovieanne United States Silver
WATLEY, Natasha United States Silver
LAPPIN, Lauren United States Silver
LOWE, Caitlin United States Silver
MENDOZA, Jessica United States Silver
NUVEMAN, Stacey United States Silver
OSTERMAN, Cat United States Silver
ABBOTT, Monica United States Silver
BERG, Laura United States Silver
BUSTOS, Crystl United States Silver
DURAN, Andrea United States Silver
FINCH, Jennie United States Silver
FLOWERS, Tairia United States Silver
GALINDO, Victoria United States Silver
KRETSCHMAN, Kelly United States Silver
BOWERING, Jodie Australia Bronze
CRONK, Kylie Australia Bronze
HARDIE, Kelly Australia Bronze
HARDING, Tanya Australia Bronze
MORROW, Simmone Australia Bronze
MOSLEY, Tracey Australia Bronze
PORTER, Stacey Australia Bronze
SMETHURST, Justine Australia Bronze
STEWART, Danielle Australia Bronze
WARD, Natalie Australia Bronze
WRIGHT, Belinda Australia Bronze
WYBORN, Kerry Australia Bronze
ROCHE, Melanie Australia Bronze
TITCUME, Natalie Australia Bronze
LEWIS, Sandy Australia Bronze