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The Results for FROMM, Fritz

Olympiad Medal Results

1936: Handball - handball Men

1936: Handball - handball Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KREUTZBERG, Karl Germany Gold
KNAUTZ, Arthur Germany Gold
BANDHOLZ, Willi Germany Gold
KEITER, Hans Germany Gold
BRINKMANN, Wilhelm Germany Gold
STAHL, Rudolf Germany Gold
SPENGLER, Fritz Germany Gold
HERMANN, Erich Germany Gold
ORTMANN, Günter Germany Gold
BAUMANN, Wilhelm Germany Gold
FROMM, Fritz Germany Gold
KÖRVERS, Heinz Germany Gold
MULLER, Wilhelm Germany Gold
DASCHER, Georg Germany Gold
DOSSIN, Kurt Germany Gold
HANSEN, Hermann Germany Gold
REINHARDT, Edgar Germany Gold
THEILIG, Hans Germany Gold
BERTHOLD, Helmut Germany Gold
KLINGLER, Alfred Germany Gold
BRASELMANN, Helmut Germany Gold
KEIMIG, Heinrich Germany Gold
MAURER, Friedrich Austria Silver
BRUNNER, Franz Austria Silver
WURMBÖCK, Friedrich Austria Silver
PURNER, Siegfried Austria Silver
ZEHETNER, Johann Austria Silver
HOUCHKA, Johann Austria Silver
BISTRICKY, Franz Austria Silver
BERGHAMMER, Franz Austria Silver
REISP, Walter Austria Silver
KIEFLER, Ferdinand Austria Silver
PERWEIN, Anton Austria Silver
SCHNABEL, Alois Austria Silver
BARTL, Franz Austria Silver
TAUSCHER, Johann Austria Silver
LICHA, Otto Austria Silver
JURACKA, Emil Austria Silver
WOHLRAB, Leopold Austria Silver
VOLAK, Jaroslav Austria Silver
SCHMALZER, Alfred Austria Silver
SCHUBERTH, Ludwig Austria Silver
KRECI, Josef Austria Silver
POWOLNY, Siegfried Austria Silver
SCHMID, Eduard Switzerland Bronze
HERKENRATH, Erland Switzerland Bronze
SCHMITT, Erich Switzerland Bronze
FÄS, Rolf Switzerland Bronze
STREIB, Max Switzerland Bronze
STUDER, Robert Switzerland Bronze
WIRZ, Rudolf Switzerland Bronze
MISCHON, Georg Switzerland Bronze
HUFSCHMID, Ernst Switzerland Bronze
HUFSCHMID, Willy Switzerland Bronze
SEITERLE, Eugen Switzerland Bronze
BLOSCH, Max Switzerland Bronze
SCHEURMANN, Werner Switzerland Bronze
SCHÄFER, Willy Switzerland Bronze
GYSI, Willy Switzerland Bronze
MEYER, Werner Switzerland Bronze
GANTENBEIN, Burkhard Switzerland Bronze