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The Results for PADOU SR., Henri

Olympiad Medal Results

1924: Water polo - water polo Men 1928: Water polo - water polo Men

1924: Water polo - water polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BERTRAND, R. France Gold
DEBORGIES, Albert France Gold
DELBERGHE, Noël France Gold
DESMETTRE, Robert France Gold
DUJARDIN, Paul France Gold
FASANI, A. France Gold
LASQUIN, Jean France Gold
MAYAUD, Albert France Gold
PADOU SR., Henri France Gold
PEROL, J. France Gold
RIGAL, Georges France Gold
BLITZ, Gerard Belgium Silver
BLITZ, Maurice Belgium Silver
CLUDTS, Joseph Belgium Silver
DE COMBE, Joseph Belgium Silver
DEWIN, Pierre Belgium Silver
DURANT, Albert Belgium Silver
FLEURIX, Georges Belgium Silver
GAILLY, Paul Belgium Silver
PLETINCX, Joseph Belgium Silver
THIRY, Jules Belgium Silver
VERMETTEN, Jean-Pierre Belgium Silver
AUSTIN, Arthur United States Bronze
COLLETT, E. United States Bronze
HANDY, J. United States Bronze
HORN, Oliver United States Bronze
LAUER, Frederick United States Bronze
MITCHELL, George F. United States Bronze
NORTON, John United States Bronze
O'CONNOR, James Wallace United States Bronze
SCHROTH, George E. United States Bronze
VOLLMER, Herbert Eberhard United States Bronze
WEISSMULLER, Johnny United States Bronze

1928: Water polo - water polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
RADEMACHER, Erich Germany Gold
CORDES, Otto Germany Gold
BENECKE, Emil Germany Gold
GUNST, Fritz Germany Gold
RADEMACHER, Joachim Germany Gold
BÄHRE, Karl Germany Gold
AMANN, Max Germany Gold
BLANK, Johann Germany Gold
BARTA, István Hungary Silver
IVÁDY, Sándor Hungary Silver
KESERU, Alajos Hungary Silver
HOMONNAI, Márton Hungary Silver
KESERU, Ferenc Hungary Silver
VRABELY, Jozsef Hungary Silver
HALASSY, Oliver Hungary Silver
DUJARDIN, Paul France Bronze
BULTEEL, Emile J. France Bronze
PADOU SR., Henri France Bronze
THÉVENON, Albert France Bronze
VAN DE PLANCKE, Albert D. France Bronze
CUVELIER, Henri G. France Bronze
TRIBOUILLET, Achille C. M. France Bronze
KEIGNAERT, Jules France Bronze
ROGER, Ernest France Bronze