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The Results for PECHEUX, Michel

Olympiad Medal Results

1936: Fencing - épée team Men 1948: Fencing - épée team Men

1936: Fencing - épée team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PEZZANA, Alfredo Italy Gold
MANGIAROTTI, Edoardo Italy Gold
RAGNO, Saverio Italy Gold
CORNAGGIA-MEDICI, Giancarlo C. Italy Gold
BRUSATI, Giancarlo Italy Gold
RICCARDI, Franco Italy Gold
DRAKENBERG, Hans Sweden Silver
GRANFELT, Hans Sweden Silver
DYRSSEN, Gustaf Sweden Silver
ALMGREN, Gustav Sweden Silver
CEDERIN, Birger Sweden Silver
THOFELT, Sven Sweden Silver
DULIEUX, Henri France Bronze
CATTIAU, Philippe France Bronze
BUCHARD, Georges France Bronze
WORMSER, Paul France Bronze
PECHEUX, Michel France Bronze
SCHMETZ, Bernard France Bronze

1948: Fencing - épée team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
HUET, Maurice France Gold
PECHEUX, Michel France Gold
DESPRETS, Marcel France Gold
ARTIGAS, Edouard France Gold
GUERIN, Henri France Gold
LEPAGE, Henri France Gold
CANTONE, Luigi Italy Silver
MANDRUZZATO, Marc Antonio Italy Silver
AGOSTONI, Carlo Italy Silver
MANGIAROTTI, Edoardo Italy Silver
MARINI, Fiorenzo Italy Silver
MANGIAROTTI, Dario Italy Silver
CERVELL, Frank Sweden Bronze
FORSSELL, Carl Sweden Bronze
LJUNGQUIST, Bengt Sweden Bronze
THOFELT, Sven Sweden Bronze
CARLESON, Per Hjalmar Sweden Bronze
TOLLBOM, Arne Sweden Bronze