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Olympiad Medal Results

1920: Fencing - foil team Men

1920: Fencing - foil team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
NADI, Aldo Italy Gold
NADI, Nedo Italy Gold
ABELARDO, Olivier Italy Gold
SPECIALE, Pietro Italy Gold
TERLIZZI, Rodolfo Italy Gold
PULITI, Oreste Italy Gold
CONSTANTINO, Tommaso Italy Gold
BALDI, Baldo Italy Gold
LABATTUT, André France Silver
TROMBERT, Georges France Silver
PERROT, Marcel France Silver
GAUDIN, Lucien France Silver
CATTIAU, Philippe France Silver
DUCRET, Roger François France Silver
AMSON, Gaston France Silver
BONY DE CASTELLANE, Lionel France Silver
HONEYCUTT, Francis Webster United States Bronze
LYON, Arthur St Clair United States Bronze
SEARS, Robert United States Bronze
BRECKINRIDGE, Henry Cabell United States Bronze
RAYNER, Harold United States Bronze