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Olympiad Medal Results

2000: Swimming - 4x100m freestyle relay Women

2000: Swimming - 4x100m freestyle relay Women

Athlete Nation Medal
VAN DYKEN, Amy United States Gold
TORRES, Dara United States Gold
SHEALY, Courtney United States Gold
THOMPSON, Jenny United States Gold
PHENIX, Erin Ashley United States Gold
TAPPIN, Ashley T United States Gold
GROOT, Chantal Netherlands Silver
VAN ROOIJEN, Manon Netherlands Silver
VAN RIJN, Wilma Netherlands Silver
HENNEKEN, Thamar Netherlands Silver
DE BRUIJN, Inge Netherlands Silver
JOHNCKE, Louise Sweden Bronze
ALSHAMMAR, Therese Sweden Bronze
SJOBERG, Johanna Sweden Bronze
KAMMERLING, Anna-Karin Sweden Bronze
LILLHAGE, Josefin Sweden Bronze
SVAHNSTROM, Malin Sweden Bronze