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Olympiad Medal Results

1968: Water polo - water polo Men

1968: Water polo - water polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
STIPANIC, Karlo Yugoslavia Gold
TRUMBIC, Ivo Yugoslavia Gold
BONACIC, Ozren Yugoslavia Gold
MAROVIC, Uros Yugoslavia Gold
LOPATINI, Ronald Yugoslavia Gold
JANKOVIC, Zoran Yugoslavia Gold
POLJAK, Miroslav Yugoslavia Gold
DABOVIC, Dejan Yugoslavia Gold
PERISIC, Djordje Yugoslavia Gold
SANDIC, Mirko Yugoslavia Gold
HEBEL, Zdravko Yugoslavia Gold
GULYAEV, Vadim Soviet Union Silver
CHIKVANAYA, Givi Soviet Union Silver
GRISHIN, Boris Soviet Union Silver
DOLGUSHIN, Aleksandr Soviet Union Silver
BARKALOV, Aleksei Soviet Union Silver
GRIGOROVSKY, Yuri Soviet Union Silver
SEMENOV, Vladimir Soviet Union Silver
SHIDLOVSKY, Aleksandr Soviet Union Silver
SKOK, Vyacheslav Soviet Union Silver
OSIPOV, Leonid Soviet Union Silver
BOVIN, Oleg Soviet Union Silver
MOLNAR, Endre Hungary Bronze
MAYER, Mihaly Hungary Bronze
SZIVOS, Istvan Hungary Bronze
KONRAD, Janos Hungary Bronze
SAROSI, Laszlo Hungary Bronze
FELKAI, Laszlo Hungary Bronze
KONRAD, Ferenc Hungary Bronze
POCSIK, Denes Hungary Bronze
BODNAR, Andras Hungary Bronze
DÍMÍTÍR, Zoltan Hungary Bronze
STEINMETZ, Janos Hungary Bronze