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Olympiad Medal Results

1976: Equestrian / Jumping - team Mixed

1976: Equestrian / Jumping - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
PAROT, Hubert France Gold
RIVAGE, France Gold
ROZIER, Jean Marcel France Gold
ROCHE, Michel France Gold
UN ESPOIR, France Gold
ROGUET, Marc France Gold
BELLE DE MARS, France Gold
WINKLER, Hans Günter West Germany Silver
TORPHY, West Germany Silver
SCHOCKEMÖHLE, Paul West Germany Silver
AGENT, West Germany Silver
SCHOCKEMÖHLE, Alwin West Germany Silver
WARWICK REX, West Germany Silver
SÖNKSEN, Sönke West Germany Silver
KWEPE, West Germany Silver
WAUTERS, Eric Belgium Bronze
GUTTE SITE, Belgium Bronze
MATHY, Francois Belgium Bronze
GAI LURON, Belgium Bronze
CUEPPER, Edgar-Henri Belgium Bronze
LE CHAMPION, Belgium Bronze
VAN PAESSCHEN, Stanny Belgium Bronze
PORCHE, Belgium Bronze