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The Results for Bobsleigh - five-man men

Olympiad Medal Results

1928, St. Moritz

1928 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
PARKE, RichardUnited States Gold
GRAY, Clifford BartonUnited States Gold
FISKE, WilliamUnited States Gold
MASON, Geoffrey TraversUnited States Gold
TUCKER, NionUnited States Gold
HINE, LymanUnited States Silver
HEATON, JennisonUnited States Silver
GRANGER, DavidUnited States Silver
DOE, ThomasUnited States Silver
O'BRIEN, Jay JamesUnited States Silver
KILIAN, HannsGermany Bronze
NÄGLE, HannsGermany Bronze
KREMPL, ValentinGermany Bronze
HUBER, SebastianGermany Bronze
HESS, HansGermany Bronze