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Olympiad Medal Results

1908, London 1904, St Louis

1908 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
BRENNAN, PatrickCanada Gold
GORMAN, Thomas PatrickCanada Gold
BRODERICK, JohnCanada Gold
HAMILTON, ErnestCanada Gold
HOOBIN, Henry FrankCanada Gold
TURNBULL, Alexander T.Canada Gold
MCKERROW, Clarence D.Canada Gold
RENNIE, George H.Canada Gold
DUCKETT, Richard LouisCanada Gold
DILLON, Angus F.Canada Gold
CAMPBELL, George H.Canada Gold
DIXON, Frank J.Canada Gold
MCLEOD, D.Canada Gold
MARA, A.Canada Gold
FYON, J.Canada Gold
SHORROCKS, H.United Kingdom Silver
SCOTT, Charles HubertUnited Kingdom Silver
BLOCKEY, L.United Kingdom Silver
ALEXANDER, J.United Kingdom Silver
RAMSEY, H.W.United Kingdom Silver
MASON, G.United Kingdom Silver
DUTTON, E.O.United Kingdom Silver
PARKER-SMITH, J.United Kingdom Silver
JOHNSON, William AthelstanUnited Kingdom Silver
WHITLEY, Normnan Henry PownallUnited Kingdom Silver
BUCKLAND, Gerald FrederickUnited Kingdom Silver
HAYES, S.N.United Kingdom Silver
ALEXANDER, Gustav BernhardUnited Kingdom Silver
MARTIN, R.G.W.United Kingdom Silver
JONES, Edward PercyUnited Kingdom Silver
MASON, G.J.United Kingdom Silver
JOHNSON, F.S.United Kingdom Silver
GILBEY, V.G.United Kingdom Silver

1904 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
BURNS, William LaurieCanada Gold
BRENNAUGH, W.Canada Gold
CLOUTIER, GeorgeCanada Gold
FLETT, JackCanada Gold
LAIDLAW, HilliardCanada Gold
PENTLAND, L.H.Canada Gold
ORRIS, William F.L.Canada Gold
CATTANACH, GeorgeCanada Gold
BRETZ, GeorgeCanada Gold
LYLE, H.Canada Gold
COWAN, SandyCanada Gold
JAMIESON, BenjaminCanada Gold
BLANCHARD, ElieCanada Gold
HUNTER, Robert EdwardUnited States Silver
CROGAN, PatrickUnited States Silver
PASSMORE, GeorgeUnited States Silver
LEHMANUnited States Silver
HESSUnited States Silver
DOWLING, J.W.United States Silver
VENN, A.H.United States Silver
SULLIVANUnited States Silver
MURPHYUnited States Silver
GIBSONUnited States Silver
WOODSUnited States Silver
PARTRIDGEUnited States Silver
YOUNGUnited States Silver