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The Results for Sailing - 10m mixed

Olympiad Medal Results

1912, Stockholm

1912 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
ISBERG, PaulSweden Gold
ROSENWÄRD, HarrySweden Gold
NYBERG, HermanSweden Gold
HELLSTRÖM, Carl LudwigSweden Gold
LUNDEN, HumbertSweden Gold
WALLERIUS, Eric G.Sweden Gold
WALLIN, HaraldSweden Gold
ERICSSON, FilipSweden Gold
FRANCK, AllanFinland Silver
WAHL, HarryFinland Silver
BJÖRKSTEN, WaldemarFinland Silver
BJÖRNSTRÖM, Jacob KarlFinland Silver
BRENNER, Bror BenediktFinland Silver
LINDH, ErikFinland Silver
PEKKALAINEN, Adolf AarneFinland Silver
BELOSELSKY, EsterInternational Competitor Bronze
LINDBLOM, KarlInternational Competitor Bronze
STRAUCH, FilipInternational Competitor Bronze
SCHOMAKER, IossifInternational Competitor Bronze
RODIONOV, AleksandrInternational Competitor Bronze
PUSCHNITSKY, NikolaïInternational Competitor Bronze
BRASCHE, ErnestInternational Competitor Bronze