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The Results for Shooting - 400, 600, 800m free rifle, team men

Olympiad Medal Results

1924, Paris

1924 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
COULTER, Raymond OrvilleUnited States Gold
STOKES, Walter RaymondUnited States Gold
HINDS, Sidney RaeUnited States Gold
FISHER, MorrisUnited States Gold
CROCKETT, Joseph W.United States Gold
HARDY, PierreFrance Silver
COLAS, Paul RenéFrance Silver
COURQUIN, AlbertFrance Silver
JOHNSON, LéonFrance Silver
PARMENTIER, AndréFrance Silver
ROES, GeorgesFrance Silver
DESTINE, DestinHaiti Bronze
CLERMONT, L. H.Haiti Bronze
VALBORGE, LudovicHaiti Bronze
ROLLAND, AstrelHaiti Bronze
METULLUS, St EloiHaiti Bronze
AUGUSTIN, LudovicHaiti Bronze
DUPRE, C.Haiti Bronze