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The Results for Shooting - 50m army pistol, team men

Olympiad Medal Results

1920, Antwerp 1912, Stockholm 1900, Paris

1920 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
KELLY, MichaelUnited States Gold
SNOOK, James HowardUnited States Gold
FREDERICK, Carl TelfordUnited States Gold
BRACKEN, RaymondUnited States Gold
LANE, Alfred P.United States Gold
GABRIELSSON, GunnarSweden Silver
ANDERSSON, Anders WilhelmSweden Silver
REUTERSKIÖLD, CasimirSweden Silver
HULTCRANTZ, SigvardSweden Silver
JOHNSSON, AndersSweden Silver
DA COSTA, Afranio AntonioBrazil Bronze
PARAENSE, GuilhermeBrazil Bronze
SOLEDADE, FernandoBrazil Bronze
BARBOSA, DarioBrazil Bronze
WOLF, SebastiaoBrazil Bronze

1912 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
DIETZ, John A.United States Gold
DOLFEN, Peter J.United States Gold
LANE, Alfred P.United States Gold
SEARS, Henry FrancisUnited States Gold
CARLBERG, G. VilhelmSweden Silver
DE LAVAL, GeorgSweden Silver
CARLBERG, EricSweden Silver
BOSTRÖM, ErikSweden Silver
POULTER, Horatio OrlandoUnited Kingdom Bronze
STEWART, Charles EdwardUnited Kingdom Bronze
KEMPSTER, Albert JosephUnited Kingdom Bronze
DURANT, HughUnited Kingdom Bronze

1900 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
PROBST, PaulSwitzerland Gold
LÜTHI, FriedrichSwitzerland Gold
RÖDERER, Karl KonradSwitzerland Gold
RICHARDET, Louis-MarcSwitzerland Gold
STÄHELI, KonradSwitzerland Gold
MOREAUX, LéonFrance Silver
PAROCHE, AchilleFrance Silver
DUFFOY, LouisFrance Silver
TRINITEFrance Silver
LECOQ, MauriceFrance Silver
VAN HAAN, GerardusNetherlands Bronze
SWEYS, Anthony AhasuerusNetherlands Bronze
VAN DEN BERGH, Solko JohannesNetherlands Bronze
BOUWENS, AntoniusNetherlands Bronze
SILLEM, HenrikNetherlands Bronze