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The Results for Shooting - 50m small bore rifle, team men

Olympiad Medal Results

1920, Antwerp 1912, Stockholm

1920 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
SCHRIVER,†Gunnery OllieUnited States Gold
FENTON,†DennisUnited States Gold
NUESSLEIN,†Lawrence AdamUnited States Gold
LEE,†WillisUnited States Gold
ROTHROCK,†ArthurUnited States Gold
LAGERL÷F,†LeonardSweden Silver
HULTCRANTZ,†SigvardSweden Silver
OHLSSON,†P. Erik F.Sweden Silver
STARE,†RagnarSweden Silver
ERICSSON,†OlleSweden Silver
÷STENSEN,†÷stenNorway Bronze
HELGERUD,†AlbertNorway Bronze
JOHANSEN,†SigvartNorway Bronze
OLSEN,†Anton WilhelmNorway Bronze
SLETTEN,†OlafNorway Bronze

1912 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
MURRAY,†Robert CookUnited Kingdom Gold
PEPE,†JosephUnited Kingdom Gold
PIMM,†William EdwinUnited Kingdom Gold
LESSIMORE,†Edward JohnUnited Kingdom Gold
÷RTEGREN,†RubenSweden Silver
NORDENSWAN,†ArthurSweden Silver
CARLBERG,†EricSweden Silver
CARLBERG,†G. VilhelmSweden Silver
SPROUT,†Warren A.United States Bronze
OSBURN,†Carl TownsendUnited States Bronze
HIRD,†Frederick S.United States Bronze
LEUSHNER,†William F.United States Bronze