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The Results for Sailing - 8m (rating 1919) men

Olympiad Medal Results

1920, Antwerp

1920 Olympiad Results

Athlete Nation Medal
KONOW, MagnusNorway Gold
CHRISTOFFERSEN, ThorleifNorway Gold
VIK, Ragnar MagneNorway Gold
MARTHINIUSSEN, ReidarNorway Gold
SCHIANDER, FinnNorway Silver
SALVESEN, JensNorway Silver
SCHMIDT, Lauritz Thure ThrapNorway Silver
THOMAS, NilsNorway Silver
TSCHUDI, RalphNorway Silver
DE L'ARBRE, WillyBelgium Bronze
HELLEBUYCK, GeorgesBelgium Bronze
WEEWAUTERS, HenriBelgium Bronze
GRISAR, AlbertBelgium Bronze
STANDAERT, LéopoldBelgium Bronze