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Olympiad Medal Results

1972: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Women

1972: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Women

Athlete Nation Medal
TURISCHEVA, Lyudmila Soviet Union Gold
KORBUT, Olga Soviet Union Gold
LAZAKOVICH, Tamara Soviet Union Gold
BURDA, Lyubov Soviet Union Gold
SAADI, Elvira Soviet Union Gold
KOSHEL, Antonina Soviet Union Gold
JANZ, Karin East Germany Silver
ZUCHOLD, Erika East Germany Silver
HELLMANN, Angelika East Germany Silver
ABEL, Irene East Germany Silver
SCHMITT, Christine East Germany Silver
SCHMEISSER, Richarda East Germany Silver
BEKESI, Ilona Hungary Bronze
CSASZAR, Monika Hungary Bronze
MEDVECZKY, Krisztina Hungary Bronze
KERY, Aniko Hungary Bronze
KELEMEN, Marta Hungary Bronze
NAGY, Zsuzsa Hungary Bronze