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Olympiad Medal Results

2008: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Women

2008: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Women

Athlete Nation Medal
CHENG, Fei China Gold
DENG, Linlin China Gold
HE, Kexin China Gold
JIANG, Yuyuan China Gold
LI, Shanshan China Gold
YANG, Yilin China Gold
JOHNSON, Shawn United States Silver
LIUKIN, Nastia United States Silver
MEMMEL, Chellsie United States Silver
PESZEK, Samantha United States Silver
SACRAMONE, Alicia United States Silver
SLOAN, Bridget United States Silver
ACATRINEI, Andreea Romania Bronze
DRAGOI, Gabriela Romania Bronze
GRIGORE, Andreea Romania Bronze
IZBASA, Sandra Romania Bronze
NISTOR, Steliana Romania Bronze
TAMIRJAN, Anamaria Romania Bronze