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Olympiad Medal Results

2008: Swimming - 4x100m freestyle relay Men

2008: Swimming - 4x100m freestyle relay Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PHELPS, Michael United States Gold
WEBER-GALE, Garrett United States Gold
JONES, Cullen United States Gold
LEZAK, Jason United States Gold
ADRIAN, Nathan United States Gold
GREVERS, Matt United States Gold
WILDMAN-TOBRINER, Ben United States Gold
MALLET, Gregory France Silver
STEIMETZ, Boris France Silver
LEVEAUX, Amaury France Silver
GILOT, Fabien France Silver
BOUSQUET, Frederick France Silver
BERNARD, Alain France Silver
SULLIVAN, Eamon Australia Bronze
LAUTERSTEIN, Andrew Australia Bronze
CALLUS, Ashley Australia Bronze
TARGETT, Matt Australia Bronze
BRODIE, Leith Australia Bronze
MURPHY, Patrick Australia Bronze