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The Results for AINDILI, Eirini

Olympiad Medal Results

2000: Rhythmic Gymnastics - group competition Women

2000: Rhythmic Gymnastics - group competition Women

Athlete Nation Medal
BELOVA, Irina Russian Federation Gold
CHALAMOVA, Elena Russian Federation Gold
LAVROVA, Natalia Russian Federation Gold
NETESSOVA, Maria Russian Federation Gold
SHIMANSKAYA, Vera Russian Federation Gold
ZILBER, Irina Russian Federation Gold
ANANKO, Tatyana Belarus Silver
BELAN, Tatyana Belarus Silver
GLAZKOVA, Anna Belarus Silver
ILYENKOVA, Irina Belarus Silver
LAZUK, Maria Belarus Silver
PUZHEVICH, Olga Belarus Silver
AINDILI, Eirini Greece Bronze
CHRISTODOULOU, Evangelia Greece Bronze
GEORGATOU, Maria Greece Bronze
KARYAMI, Zacharoula Greece Bronze
PANTAZI, Charikleia Greece Bronze
POLLATOU, Anna Greece Bronze