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Olympiad Medal Results

1984: Equestrian / Dressage - team Mixed

1984: Equestrian / Dressage - team Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
KLIMKE, Reiner West Germany Gold
AHLERICH, West Germany Gold
SAUER, Uwe West Germany Gold
MONTEVIDEO, West Germany Gold
KRUG, Herbert West Germany Gold
MUSCADEUR, West Germany Gold
HOFER, Otto Josef Switzerland Silver
LIMANDUS, Switzerland Silver
STUECKELBERGER, Christine Switzerland Silver
TANSANIT, Switzerland Silver
DE BARY, Amy Catherine Switzerland Silver
AINTREE, Switzerland Silver
HAKANSSON, Ulla Sweden Bronze
FLAMINGO, Sweden Bronze
BYLUND, Ingamay Sweden Bronze
ALEKS, Sweden Bronze
NATHORST, Louise Sweden Bronze
INFERNO, Sweden Bronze