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Olympiad Medal Results

1996: Synchronized Swimming - team Women

1996: Synchronized Swimming - team Women

Athlete Nation Medal
BIANCO, Suzannah United States Gold
CLELAND, Tammy United States Gold
DYROEN-LANCER, Becky United States Gold
PEASE, Heather United States Gold
SAVERY, Jill United States Gold
SCHNEYDER, Nathalie United States Gold
SIMMONS-CARRASCO, Heather United States Gold
SUDDUTH, Jill United States Gold
LESUEUR, Emily United States Gold
THIEN, Margot United States Gold
CLARK, Karen Canada Silver
FRECHETTE, Sylvie Canada Silver
BREMNER, Janice Canada Silver
FONTEYNE, Karen Canada Silver
LARSEN, Christine Canada Silver
WOODLEY, Erin Canada Silver
READ, Cari Canada Silver
ALEXANDER, Lisa Canada Silver
HOULD-MARCHAND, Valerie Canada Silver
KULESZA, Kasia Canada Silver
TACHIBANA, Miya Japan Bronze
KAWASE, Akiko Japan Bronze
JIMBO, Rei Japan Bronze
TAKEDA, Miho Japan Bronze
FUJII, Raika Japan Bronze
KAWABE, Miho Japan Bronze
TANAKA, Junko Japan Bronze
NAKAJIMA, Riho Japan Bronze
FUJIKI, Mayuko Japan Bronze
TAKAHASHI, Kaori Japan Bronze