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The Results for ALIKIN, Vladimir

Olympiad Medal Results

1980: Biathlon - 10km Men 1980: Biathlon - 4x7.5km relay Men

1980: Biathlon - 10km Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ULLRICH, Frank East Germany Gold
ALIKIN, Vladimir Soviet Union Silver
ALYABYEV, Anatoly Soviet Union Bronze

1980: Biathlon - 4x7.5km relay Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ALIKIN, Vladimir Soviet Union Gold
TIKHONOV, Aleksandr Soviet Union Gold
BARNACHOV, Vladimir Soviet Union Gold
ALYABYEV, Anatoly Soviet Union Gold
JUNG, Mathias East Germany Silver
SIEBERT, Klaus East Germany Silver
ULLRICH, Frank East Germany Silver
ROSCH, Eberhard East Germany Silver
BERNREITER, Franz West Germany Bronze
ESTNER, Hansi West Germany Bronze
ANGERER, Peter West Germany Bronze
WINKLER, Gerhard West Germany Bronze