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The Results for ALLEN, Richard James

Olympiad Medal Results

1928: Hockey - hockey Men 1936: Hockey - hockey Men

1928: Hockey - hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SINGH, Jaipal India Gold
GOODSIR-CULLEN, William John India Gold
SHAUKAT, Ali India Gold
SEAMAN, Frederic S. India Gold
MARTHINS, George E. India Gold
CHAND, Dyan India Gold
GATELEY, Maurice A. India Gold
KHAN, Feroze Uddin India Gold
PINNIGER, Broome Eric India Gold
YUSUF, Sayed Mohamed India Gold
NORRIS, Rex A. India Gold
HAMMOND, Leslie Charles India Gold
GILL, K. S. India Gold
ROCQUE, Michael E. India Gold
ALLEN, Richard James India Gold
KATTE, Adriaan Johan Louis Netherlands Silver
DE WAAL, Reindert Berend Jan Netherlands Silver
TRESLING, Albert Willem Netherlands Silver
ANKERMAN, Jan Geert Netherlands Silver
DUSON, Emiel Paulus Josef Netherlands Silver
BRAND, Johannes Willem Netherlands Silver
KOP, August Johannes Netherlands Silver
JANNINK, Gerrit Jan Arnold Netherlands Silver
HUBRECHT, T. F. Netherlands Silver
VAN DER VEEN, Robert Netherlands Silver
VISSER 'T HOOFT, Hendrik Philip Netherlands Silver
HARDEBECK, C. J. J. Netherlands Silver
MANGELAAR MEERTENS, H. J. L. Netherlands Silver
LEEMBRUGGEN, G. Netherlands Silver
MULLER V. CZERNICKI, O. F. Netherlands Silver
VAN DER HAGEN, C. J. Netherlands Silver
VAN LIEROP, Antoine Robert Netherlands Silver
VAN CITTERS, W. J. Netherlands Silver
WENTHOLT, N. Netherlands Silver
VAN DE ROVAERT, Paulus Netherlands Silver
VAN VOORST VAN BEEST, J. M. Netherlands Silver
BRUNNER, Georg Germany Bronze
PROFT, Werner Germany Bronze
HAUSSMANN, Hans Heinrich Germany Bronze
IRMER, Karl-Heinz Germany Bronze
HAAG, Theodor Germany Bronze
ZANDER, Erich Germany Bronze
HAVERBECK, Kurt Germany Bronze
MÜLLER, Herbert Germany Bronze
BOCHE, Bruno Germany Bronze
WEISS, Kurt Germany Bronze
WOLLNER, Rolf Germany Bronze
LINCKE, F. Germany Bronze
FRANZKOWIAK, Erwin Germany Bronze
WÖLTJE, Heinz Germany Bronze
FREYBERG, Werner Germany Bronze
HEYMANN, Aribert Germany Bronze
SCHÄFER, H. Germany Bronze
HORN, Fritz Germany Bronze
STRANTZEN, Gerd Germany Bronze
HOBEIN, Herbert Germany Bronze
FÖRSTENDORF, Heinz Germany Bronze
KEMMER, Herbert Germany Bronze

1936: Hockey - hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ALLEN, Richard James India Gold
TAPSELL, Carlyle Carrol India Gold
HUSSAIN, Sayed Mohomed India Gold
NIMAL, Baboo Narsoo India Gold
CULLEN-GOODSIR, Ernest John India Gold
GALIBARDY, Joseph Deville Thomas India Gold
SHABBAN, Shabab-Ud-Din India Gold
JAFFAR, Sayed Mohomed India Gold
BAIS, Dhyan Chand India Gold
BAIS, Roop Singh India Gold
FERNANDES, Peter Paul India Gold
MICHIE, Cyril James India Gold
PHILLIPS, Joseph India Gold
SINGH GAREWAL, Gurcharan India Gold
KHAN, Ahsan Mohomed India Gold
KHAN, Ahmed Sher India Gold
EMMETT, Lionel C. India Gold
MASOOD, Mirza Nasir-Ud-Din India Gold
DARA, Iqtidar Ali Shah India Gold
DRÖSE, Karl Germany Silver
OKRENT, Detlef Germany Silver
AUF DER HEIDE, Hermann Germany Silver
PETER, Heinrich Germany Silver
MENKE, Karl Germany Silver
RAACK, Heinz Germany Silver
HUFFMANN, Harald Germany Silver
MEHLITZ, Paul Germany Silver
WEISS, Kurt Germany Silver
SCHERBART, Hans Germany Silver
BEISIEGEL, Ludwig Germany Silver
KUBITZKI, Werner Germany Silver
HAMEL, Werner Germany Silver
MESSNER, Fritz Germany Silver
KEMMER, Herbert Germany Silver
ZANDER, Erich Germany Silver
GERDES, Alfred Germany Silver
KELLER, Erwin Germany Silver
SCHMALIX, Heinz Germany Silver
WARNHOLTZ, Rudolf (Tito) Germany Silver
RUCK, Karl Germany Silver
CUNTZ, Erich Germany Silver
DE LOOPER, Jan Netherlands Bronze
DE WAAL, Reindert Berend Jan Netherlands Bronze
WESTERKAMP, Max Netherlands Bronze
DE LOOPER, Hendrik Christiaan Netherlands Bronze
VAN DER HAAR, Rudolf Jacob Netherlands Bronze
VAN LIEROP, Antoine Robert Onslow Netherlands Bronze
GUNNING, Pieter Adriaan Netherlands Bronze
SCHNITGER, Henri Carel Willem Netherlands Bronze
VAN DEN BERG, Ernst Willem Netherlands Bronze
DE ROOS, Agathon Netherlands Bronze
SPARENBERG, Rene Netherlands Bronze
HEYBROEK, Carl Erich Netherlands Bronze