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Olympiad Medal Results

1988: Fencing - sabre team Men

1988: Fencing - sabre team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BUJDOSO, Imre Hungary Gold
CSONGRADI, Laszlo Hungary Gold
GEDOVARI, Imre Hungary Gold
NEBALD, György Hungary Gold
SZABO, Bence Hungary Gold
ALSHAN, Andrei Soviet Union Silver
BURTSEV, Mikhail Soviet Union Silver
KORYAKIN, Sergei Soviet Union Silver
MINDIRGASOV, Sergei Soviet Union Silver
POGOSSOV, Gueorgui Soviet Union Silver
CAVALIERE, Massimo Italy Bronze
DALLA BARBA, Gianfranco Italy Bronze
MARIN, Marco Italy Bronze
MEGLIO, Ferdinando Italy Bronze
SCALZO, Giovanni Italy Bronze