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The Results for ANCION, Julius Theodoor

Olympiad Medal Results

1952: Hockey - hockey Men

1952: Hockey - hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
DESMUTHU, Chinadorai India Gold
SINGH, Dharam India Gold
SINGH GENTLE, Randhir India Gold
PERUMAL, Govind India Gold
DATT, Keshava India Gold
DALUZ, Meldric St.Clair India Gold
LAL SHARMA, Raghbir India Gold
SINGH, Kunwar Digvijai India Gold
SINGH DOSANJH, Balbir India Gold
SINGH KULLAR, Udham India Gold
RAJAGOPAL, Muniswamy India Gold
FRANCIS, Ranganandhan India Gold
CLAUDIUS, Leslie Walter India Gold
SINGH, Grahanandan Nandy India Gold
MULDER, Laurentz Siebrand Netherlands Silver
DERCKX, Henri Jean Joseph Netherlands Silver
DRIJVER, Johan Frederik Netherlands Silver
ANCION, Julius Theodoor Netherlands Silver
LOGGERE, Hermanus Pieter Netherlands Silver
TIEL, Edouard Herbert Netherlands Silver
VAN HEEL, Willem Netherlands Silver
BOERSTRA, Andries Cornelis Dirk Netherlands Silver
KRUIZE, Jan Hendrik Netherlands Silver
ESSER, Rius Theo Netherlands Silver
WERY, Leonard Hugo Netherlands Silver
DAY, Derek Malcolm United Kingdom Bronze
MIDGLEY, Roger Keith United Kingdom Bronze
CARNILL, Denys John United Kingdom Bronze
COCKETT, John Ashley United Kingdom Bronze
EAGAN, Dennis Michael Royal United Kingdom Bronze
ROBINSON, Anthony John Backh. United Kingdom Bronze
NUNN, Anthony Stuart United Kingdom Bronze
FLETCHER, Robin Anthony United Kingdom Bronze
NORRIS, Richard Owen Alfred United Kingdom Bronze
NUGENT, Nigel Algernon D. United Kingdom Bronze
CONROY, John Valentine United Kingdom Bronze
DADDS, Graham Bassett United Kingdom Bronze
TAYLOR, John Paskin United Kingdom Bronze