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The Results for ANDERSEN, Paul Kuhlmann

Olympiad Medal Results

1960: Football - football Men

1960: Football - football Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ANKOVIC, Andrija Yugoslavia Gold
DURKOVIC, Vladimir Yugoslavia Gold
GALIC, Milan Yugoslavia Gold
JUSUFI, Fahrudin Yugoslavia Gold
KNEZ, Tomislav Yugoslavia Gold
KOSTIC, Borivoje Yugoslavia Gold
KOZLINA, Aleksandar Yugoslavia Gold
MARAVIC, Dusan Yugoslavia Gold
MATUS, Zeljko Yugoslavia Gold
PERUSIC, Zeljko Yugoslavia Gold
ROGANOVIC, Novak Yugoslavia Gold
SOMBOLAC, Velimir Yugoslavia Gold
SOSKIC, Milutin Yugoslavia Gold
TAKAC, Silvester Yugoslavia Gold
VIDINIC, Blagoje Yugoslavia Gold
ZANETIC, Ante Yugoslavia Gold
ANDERSEN, Paul Kuhlmann Denmark Silver
DANIELSEN, John Denmark Silver
ENOKSEN, Henning Lynggaard Denmark Silver
FROM, Henry Petersen Denmark Silver
HANSEN, Bent Denmark Silver
JENSEN, Poul Denmark Silver
NIELSEN, Hans Christian W. Denmark Silver
NIELSEN, Harald Ingemann Denmark Silver
NIELSEN, Flemming Gert Denmark Silver
PEDERSEN, Poul Ebbesen Denmark Silver
SÖRENSEN, Jörn Denmark Silver
TROELSEN, Tommy Brian Denmark Silver
ALBERT, Florian Hungary Bronze
DALNOKI, Jenö Hungary Bronze
DUDAS, Zoltan Hungary Bronze
DUNAI, Janos Hungary Bronze
FARAGO, Lajos Hungary Bronze
GÖRÖCS, Janos Hungary Bronze
KOVACS, Ferenc Hungary Bronze
NOVAK, Dezsö Hungary Bronze
OROSZ, Pal Hungary Bronze
PAL, Laszlo (Tibor) Hungary Bronze
PAL, Tibor (Laszlo) Hungary Bronze
RAKOSI, Gyula Hungary Bronze
SATORI, Imre Hungary Bronze
SOLYMOSI, Ernö Hungary Bronze
TÖRÖK, Gabor Hungary Bronze
VARHIDI, Pal Hungary Bronze
VILEZSAL, Oszkar Hungary Bronze