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The Results for ANDERSSON, Anders Wilhelm

Olympiad Medal Results

1920: Shooting - 50m army pistol, team Men

1920: Shooting - 50m army pistol, team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
FREDERICK, Carl Telford United States Gold
LANE, Alfred P. United States Gold
BRACKEN, Raymond United States Gold
SNOOK, James Howard United States Gold
KELLY, Michael United States Gold
ANDERSSON, Anders Wilhelm Sweden Silver
REUTERSKIÖLD, Casimir Sweden Silver
GABRIELSSON, Gunnar Sweden Silver
HULTCRANTZ, Sigvard Sweden Silver
JOHNSSON, Anders Sweden Silver
DA COSTA, Afranio Antonio Brazil Bronze
WOLF, Sebastiao Brazil Bronze
BARBOSA, Dario Brazil Bronze
SOLEDADE, Fernando Brazil Bronze
PARAENSE, Guilherme Brazil Bronze