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Olympiad Medal Results

1920: Water polo - water polo Men

1920: Water polo - water polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SMITH, Charles Sydney United Kingdom Gold
RADMILOVIC, Paul United Kingdom Gold
BUGBEE, Charles United Kingdom Gold
PURCELL, Noel M. United Kingdom Gold
JONES, Christopher United Kingdom Gold
PEACOCK, William United Kingdom Gold
DEAN, William Henry United Kingdom Gold
BLITZ, Gerard Belgium Silver
BLITZ, Maurice Belgium Silver
PLETINCX, Joseph Belgium Silver
GAILLY, Paul Belgium Silver
NIJS, Pierre Belgium Silver
BAUWENS, René Belgium Silver
DEWIN, Pierre Belgium Silver
DURANT, Albert Belgium Silver
JULIN, Harald S.A. Sweden Bronze
ANDERSSON, Robert T. Sweden Bronze
ANDERSSON, Vilhelm Sweden Bronze
BERGQVIST, Erik Sweden Bronze
GUMPEL, Max Sweden Bronze
HANSSON, Pontus Sweden Bronze
ANDERSSON, Erik Sweden Bronze
BACKLUND, Nils Sweden Bronze
NAUMANN, Theodor Sweden Bronze