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Olympiad Medal Results

1928: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

1928: Ice Hockey - ice hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
SULLIVAN, Joseph Taylor Canada Gold
TAYLOR, Ross Croft Canada Gold
PORTER, John Chester Canada Gold
HUDSON, Henry Louis Canada Gold
TROTTIER, David Canada Gold
MUELLER, Norbert Edward Canada Gold
PLAXTON, Hugh John Canada Gold
SULLIVAN, Frank Gerald Canada Gold
FISHER, Franlyn Wood Canada Gold
PLAXTON, Herbert Alfred Canada Gold
PLAXTON, Rogers Hayward Canada Gold
DELAHAY, Charles Canada Gold
JOHANSSON, Nils Sweden Silver
SUCKSDORFF, Kurt Sweden Silver
ABRAHAMSSON, Carl Sweden Silver
JOHANSSON, Henry Sweden Silver
÷BERG, Sigfrid Sweden Silver
JOHANSSON, Gustaf Sweden Silver
PETERSEN, Wilhelm Sweden Silver
HOLMQVIST, Birger Sweden Silver
LINDE, Bertil Sweden Silver
LARSSON, Erik Sweden Silver
BERGMAN, Emil Sweden Silver
KARLBERG, Ernst Sweden Silver
MARTIGNONI, Arnold Switzerland Bronze
ANDREOSSI, Mezzi Switzerland Bronze
ANDREOSSI, Giannin Switzerland Bronze
BREITER, Robert Switzerland Bronze
TORRIANI, Richard Switzerland Bronze
FASEL, Charles Switzerland Bronze
R‹EDI, Luzius Switzerland Bronze
GEROMINI, Albert Switzerland Bronze
KRAATZ, Fritz Switzerland Bronze
MENG, Heini Switzerland Bronze
MOROSANI, Anton Switzerland Bronze
DUFOUR, Louis Switzerland Bronze