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The Results for ANGANUZZI, Raul

Olympiad Medal Results

1928: Fencing - foil team Men

1928: Fencing - foil team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
PIGNOTTI, Ugo Italy Gold
GAUDINI, Giulio Italy Gold
PESSINA, Giorgio Italy Gold
GUARAGNA, Gioachino Italy Gold
PULITI, Oreste Italy Gold
CHIAVACCI, Giorgio Italy Gold
CATTIAU, Philippe France Silver
DUCRET, Roger François France Silver
LABATTUT, André France Silver
GAUDIN, Lucien France Silver
FLACHER, Raymond P. France Silver
GABORIAUD, André France Silver
LARRAZ, Roberto Argentina Bronze
ANGANUZZI, Raul Argentina Bronze
LUCCHETTI, Luis J. Argentina Bronze
LUCCHETTI, Hector Pablo Argentina Bronze
CAMET, Carmelo F. Argentina Bronze