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Olympiad Medal Results

1996: Basketball - basketball Women

1996: Basketball - basketball Women

Athlete Nation Medal
EDWARDS, Teresa United States Gold
STALEY, Dawn United States Gold
BOLTON, Ruthie United States Gold
SWOOPES, Sheryl United States Gold
AZZI, Jennifer United States Gold
LESLIE, Lisa United States Gold
MCGHEE, Carla United States Gold
STEDING, Katy United States Gold
MCCLAIN, Katrina Felicia United States Gold
LOBO, Rebecca United States Gold
LACEY, Venus United States Gold
MCCRAY, Nikki United States Gold
OLIVA, Hortencia Marcari Brazil Silver
ANGELICA, Maria Brazil Silver
SANTOS, Adriana Aparecida Brazil Silver
SOBRAL, Leila Brazil Silver
SILVA, Maria Paula Brazil Silver
ARCAIN, Janeth Brazil Silver
GUSTAVO, Roseli Brazil Silver
SOBRAL, Marta Brazil Silver
LUZ, Silvia Brazil Silver
OLIVEIRA, Alessandra Brazil Silver
SANTOS, Cintia Brazil Silver
PASTOR, Claudia Maria Brazil Silver
MAHER, Robyn Australia Bronze
COOK, Allison Australia Bronze
BRONDELLO, Alexandra Australia Bronze
TIMMS, Michelle Australia Bronze
SANDIE, Shelley Australia Bronze
FALLON, Trish Australia Bronze
CHANDLER, Michelle Australia Bronze
ROBINSON, Fiona Australia Bronze
BOYD, Carla Australia Bronze
WHITTLE, Jennifer Australia Bronze
SPORN, Rachael Australia Bronze
BROGAN, Michelle Australia Bronze