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Olympiad Medal Results

1988: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Women 1988: Rowing - four-oared shell with coxswain Women

1988: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
STRAUCH, Annegret East Germany Gold
ZEIDLER, Judith East Germany Gold
HAACKER, Kathrin East Germany Gold
WILD-WAGNER, Ute East Germany Gold
KLUGE, Anja East Germany Gold
SCHRÖR, Beatrix East Germany Gold
BALTHASAR, Ramona East Germany Gold
STANGE, Uta East Germany Gold
NEUNAST, Daniela East Germany Gold
BALAN-SNEP, Doina Lilian Romania Silver
TRASCA, Marioara Romania Silver
NECULA, Veronica Romania Silver
ANITAS, Herta Romania Silver
BAZON, Adriana Romania Silver
ARMASESCU, Mihaela Romania Silver
PUSCATU-ARBA, Rodica Romania Silver
HOMEGHI-BULARDA, Olga Romania Silver
OANCIA, Ecaterina Romania Silver
ZHOU, Xiu-Hua China Bronze
ZHANG, Ya-Li China Bronze
HE, Yanwen China Bronze
HAN, Ya-Qin China Bronze
ZHANG, Xiang-Hua China Bronze
ZHOU, Shouying China Bronze
YANG, Xiao China Bronze
HU, Ya-Dong China Bronze
LI, Rong-Hua China Bronze

1988: Rowing - four-oared shell with coxswain Women

Athlete Nation Medal
WALTHER, Martina East Germany Gold
DOBERSCHÜTZ, Gerlinde East Germany Gold
HORNIG, Carola East Germany Gold
SIECH, Birte East Germany Gold
ROSE, Sylvia East Germany Gold
ZHANG, Xiang-Hua China Silver
HU, Ya-Dong China Silver
YANG, Xiao China Silver
ZHOU, Shouying China Silver
LI, Rong-Hua China Silver
TRASCA, Marioara Romania Bronze
NECULA, Veronica Romania Bronze
ANITAS, Herta Romania Bronze
BALAN-SNEP, Doina Lilian Romania Bronze
OANCIA, Ecaterina Romania Bronze