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The Results for ANKER, Johan August

Olympiad Medal Results

1912: Sailing - 12m Mixed 1928: Sailing - 6m Mixed

1912: Sailing - 12m Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
LARSEN, Alfred Norway Gold
ANKER, Johan August Norway Gold
BERTELSEN, Nils Norway Gold
HANSEN, Halfdan Norway Gold
KONOW, Magnus Norway Gold
LARSEN, Petter Andreas Norway Gold
FALCH-LUND, Eilert Norway Gold
STAIB, Christian Frederik Norway Gold
HEJE, Arnfinn Kolbjörn Norway Gold
THAULOW, Carl Gustav Norway Gold
PERSSON, Nils Sweden Silver
CLASON, Hugo Sweden Silver
SÄLLSTRÖM, Richard Sweden Silver
LAMBY, Nils Sweden Silver
BERGSTRÖM, Kurt Sweden Silver
BERGSTRÖM, Dick Sweden Silver
LINDQVIST, Erik Sweden Silver
BERGMAN, Per Sweden Silver
KANDER, Sigurd Sweden Silver
JOHNSON, Folke Sweden Silver
KROGIUS, Ernest Edvard Finland Bronze
ALFTHAN, Max Finland Bronze
HARTVALL, Erik Finland Bronze
HULLDEN, Jarl Finland Bronze
JUSLEN, Sigurd Finland Bronze
SANDELIN, Eino Finland Bronze
SILEN, John Finland Bronze

1928: Sailing - 6m Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
ANKER, Johan August Norway Gold
ANKER, E. Norway Gold
BRYHN, H.P. Norway Gold
VETT, Vilhelm Denmark Silver
MOELLER, Edmund Otto Jr. Denmark Silver
HOY-PETERSEN, Denmark Silver
SCHLÜTTER, P. Denmark Silver
LINCK, S. Denmark Silver
WEKSCHIN, N. Estonia Bronze
VON WIREN, W. Estonia Bronze
VOGDT, E. Estonia Bronze
FAEHLMANN, G. Estonia Bronze
FAEHLMANN, A. Estonia Bronze