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Olympiad Medal Results

1948: Water polo - water polo Men 1952: Water polo - water polo Men

1948: Water polo - water polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BUONOCORE, Pasquale Italy Gold
BULGARELLI, Emilio Italy Gold
MAIONI, Mario Italy Gold
OGNIO, Geminio Italy Gold
PANDOLFINI, Gianfranco Italy Gold
GHIRA, Aldo Italy Gold
RUBINI, Cesare Italy Gold
ARENA, Ermenegildo Italy Gold
PANDOLFINI, Tullio Italy Gold
GYORFFI, Endre Hungary Silver
HOLOP, Miklos Hungary Silver
FABIAN, Dezsö Hungary Silver
SZITTYA, Karoly Hungary Silver
CSUVIK, Oszkar Hungary Silver
SZIVOS, Istvan Hungary Silver
GYARMATI, Dezso Hungary Silver
JENEI, Laszlo Hungary Silver
LEMHENYI, Dezsö Hungary Silver
BRANDI, Jenö Hungary Silver
ROHNER, Johannes Jacobus Netherlands Bronze
BRAASEM, Cornelis Netherlands Bronze
KOREVAAR, Cornelis (Nijs) Netherlands Bronze
KEETELAAR, Hendrikus Zacharias Netherlands Bronze
RUIMSCHOTEL, Albert Frits Netherlands Bronze
VAN FEGGELEN, Rudolh Fredrik Otto Netherlands Bronze
SMOL, Frits Netherlands Bronze
SALOMONS, Pieter Johannes Alexander Netherlands Bronze
STAM, Hans Netherlands Bronze

1952: Water polo - water polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ANTAL, Robert Hungary Gold
FABIAN, Dezsö Hungary Gold
GYARMATI, Dezso Hungary Gold
LEMHENYI, Dezsö Hungary Gold
HASZNOS, Istvan Hungary Gold
MARTIN, Miklos Hungary Gold
JENEI, Laszlo Hungary Gold
VIZVARI, György Hungary Gold
MARKOVICS, Kalman Hungary Gold
SZIVOS, Istvan Hungary Gold
BOLVARI, Antal Hungary Gold
KARPATI, György Hungary Gold
SZITTYA, Karoly Hungary Gold
KOVACIC, Zdravko Yugoslavia Silver
BRAINOVIC, Marko Yugoslavia Silver
STAKULA, Ivo Yugoslavia Silver
KURTINI, Ivo Yugoslavia Silver
VUKSANOVIC, Bosko Yugoslavia Silver
JEZIC, Zdravko Yugoslavia Silver
RADONIC, Lovro Yugoslavia Silver
BAKASUN, Veljko Yugoslavia Silver
IVKOVIC, Vladimir Yugoslavia Silver
TRAIOLA, Renato Italy Bronze
POLITO, Vincenzo Italy Bronze
GIONTA, Salvatore Italy Bronze
ARENA, Ermenegildo Italy Bronze
DE SANZUANE, Renato Italy Bronze
CECCARINI, Lucio Italy Bronze
GAMBINO, Raffaello Italy Bronze
RUBINI, Cesare Italy Bronze
OGNIO, Geminio Italy Bronze
MANNELLI, Maurizio Italy Bronze
PERETTI, Carlo Italy Bronze