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The Results for ARNEBERG, Tor Birger

Olympiad Medal Results

1952: Sailing - 6m Mixed

1952: Sailing - 6m Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
WHITON, Herman Frasch United States Gold
RIDDER, Eric United States Gold
ROOSEVELT, Julius Kean United States Gold
MORGAN, John Adams United States Gold
ENDT, Everard C. United States Gold
WHITON, Emelyn Thatcher Leonard United States Gold
FERNER, Finn Christian Norway Silver
FERNER, Johan Martin Norway Silver
HEIBERG, Erik Oscar Norway Silver
MORTENSEN, Carl Lauritz Norway Silver
ARNEBERG, Tor Birger Norway Silver
WESTERLUND, Ernst Theodor Finland Bronze
SJ÷BERG, Paul Leonard Finland Bronze
JANSSON, Ragnar Rafael Finland Bronze
KONTO, Jonas Leo Adolf Finland Bronze
TURKKA, Rolf Fredrik Finland Bronze