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Olympiad Medal Results

1932: Bobsleigh - two-man Men

1932: Bobsleigh - two-man Men

Athlete Nation Medal
STEVENS, J. Hubert United States Gold
STEVENS, Curtis United States Gold
ARTHUR, Adams United States Gold
CAPADRUTT, Reto Switzerland Silver
GEIER, Oscar Switzerland Silver
FONJALLAZ, René Switzerland Silver
FONJALLAZ, Gustave Switzerland Silver
FONJALLAZ, Gaston Switzerland Silver
STAUFFER, William Switzerland Silver
KLOETTA, Antoine Switzerland Silver
JENNY, Charles Switzerland Silver
HEATON, John United States Bronze
MINTON, Robert United States Bronze
STEVENS, J. Hubert United States Bronze
HOMBURGER, Henry A. United States Bronze
BRYANT, Precy D. United States Bronze
MARTIN, Harry G United States Bronze