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Olympiad Medal Results

1972: Water polo - water polo Men

1972: Water polo - water polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
GULYAEV, Vadim Soviet Union Gold
AKIMOV, Anatoli Soviet Union Gold
DREVAL, Aleksandr Soviet Union Gold
DOLGUSHIN, Aleksandr Soviet Union Gold
SHMUDSKY, Vladimir Soviet Union Gold
KABANOV, Aleksandr Soviet Union Gold
BARKALOV, Aleksei Soviet Union Gold
SHIDLOVSKY, Aleksandr Soviet Union Gold
MELNIKOV, Nikolai Soviet Union Gold
OSIPOV, Leonid Soviet Union Gold
SOBCHENKO, Viacheslav Soviet Union Gold
MOLNAR, Endre Hungary Silver
BODNAR, Andras Hungary Silver
GÖRGENYI, Istvan Hungary Silver
KASAS, Zoltan Hungary Silver
FARAGO, Tamas Hungary Silver
SAROSI, Laszlo Hungary Silver
SZIVOS, Istvan Hungary Silver
MAGAS, Istvan Hungary Silver
POCSIK, Denes Hungary Silver
KONRAD, Ferenc Hungary Silver
CSERVENYAK, Tibor Hungary Silver
SLATTON, James Walter United States Bronze
COLE, Stanley Clark United States Bronze
WEBB, Russell Irving United States Bronze
WEITZENBERG, Charles Barry United States Bronze
SHEERER, Gary Peter United States Bronze
BRADLEY, Myron Bruce United States Bronze
ASCH, Peter Gregory United States Bronze
FERGUSON, James Michael United States Bronze
BARNETT, Steven William United States Bronze
PARKER, John Michael United States Bronze
LINDROTH, Eric Emil United States Bronze