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The Results for ATHANASOPOULOS, Spyros

Olympiad Medal Results

1896: Artistic Gymnastics - team, parallel bars Men

1896: Artistic Gymnastics - team, parallel bars Men

Athlete Nation Medal
HOFMANN, Fritz Germany Gold
BÖCKER, Konrad Germany Gold
FLATOW, Alfred Germany Gold
FLATOW, Gustav Felix Germany Gold
HILMAR, Georg Germany Gold
MANTEUFFEL, Fritz Germany Gold
NEUKIRCH, Karl Germany Gold
RÖSTEL, Richard Germany Gold
SCHUFT, Gustav Germany Gold
SCHUMANN, Carl Germany Gold
WEINGÄRTNER, Hermann Germany Gold
ATHANASOPOULOS, Spyros Greece Silver
ANDRIAKOPOULOS, Nicolaos Greece Silver
PERSAKIS, Petros Greece Silver
XENAKIS, Thomasios Greece Silver
CHRYSAPHIS, Ioannis Greece Bronze
MITROPOULOS, Ioannis Greece Bronze
LOUNDRAS, Dimitrios Greece Bronze
KARVELAS, Phillippos Greece Bronze