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The Results for IBRAGUIMOV, Anvar

Olympiad Medal Results

1988: Fencing - foil team Men

1988: Fencing - foil team Men

Athlete Nation Medal
APTIAOURI, Vladimir Soviet Union Gold
IBRAGUIMOV, Anvar Soviet Union Gold
KORETSKI, Boris Soviet Union Gold
MAMEDOV, Ilgar Soviet Union Gold
ROMANKOV, Aleksander Soviet Union Gold
BEHR, Matthias West Germany Silver
ENDRES, Thomas West Germany Silver
GEY, Matthias West Germany Silver
SCHRECK, Ulrich Rainer West Germany Silver
WEIDNER, Thorsten West Germany Silver
BUSA, Istvan Hungary Bronze
ERSEK, Zsolt Hungary Bronze
GATAI, Robert Hungary Bronze
SZEKERES, Pal Hungary Bronze
SZELEI, Istvan Hungary Bronze