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The Results for IBY, Friederike (Friedl)

Olympiad Medal Results

1936: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Women

1936: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Women

Athlete Nation Medal
MEYER, Gertrude (Trudi) Germany Gold
BÜRGER, Erna Germany Gold
SOHNEMANN, Käthe Germany Gold
FRÖLIAN, Isolde Germany Gold
BÄRWIRTH, Anita Germany Gold
PÖHLSEN, Paula Germany Gold
IBY, Friederike (Friedl) Germany Gold
SCHMITT, Julie Germany Gold
FOLTOVA, Vlasta Czechoslovakia Silver
DEKANOVA, Vlasta Czechoslovakia Silver
VERMIROVSKA, Zdenka Czechoslovakia Silver
PALFYOVA, Matylda Czechoslovakia Silver
HREBRINOVA, Anna Czechoslovakia Silver
DOBESOVA, Bozena Czechoslovakia Silver
VETROVSKA, Marie Czechoslovakia Silver
BAJEROVA, Jaroslava Czechoslovakia Silver
CSILLIK, Margit Hungary Bronze
TÖTH, Judith Hungary Bronze
NAGY-SANDOR, Margit Hungary Bronze
MESZAROS, Gabriella Hungary Bronze
VOIT, Eszter Hungary Bronze
TÖRÖS, Olga Hungary Bronze
MADARY, Ilona Hungary Bronze
KALOCSAI, Margit Hungary Bronze