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Olympiad Medal Results

1976: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Men

1976: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Men

Athlete Nation Medal
IGARASHI, Hisato Japan Gold
FUJIMOTO, Shun Japan Gold
KAJIYAMA, Hiroshi Japan Gold
TSUKAHARA, Mitsuo Japan Gold
KENMOTSU, Eizo Japan Gold
KATO, Sawao Japan Gold
TIKHONOV, Vladimir Soviet Union Silver
KRYSSIN, Gennadi Soviet Union Silver
MARCHENKO, Vladimir Soviet Union Silver
DITYATIN, Aleksandr Soviet Union Silver
MARKELOV, Vladimir Soviet Union Silver
ANDRIANOV, Nikolay Soviet Union Silver
JÄGER, Bernd East Germany Bronze
NIKOLAY, Michael East Germany Bronze
HANSCHKE, Rainer East Germany Bronze
MACK, Lutz East Germany Bronze
KLOTZ, Wolfgang East Germany Bronze
BRÜCKNER, Roland East Germany Bronze