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Olympiad Medal Results

1980: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Women

1980: Rowing - eight with coxswain (8+) Women

Athlete Nation Medal
BOESLER, Martina East Germany Gold
NEISSER, Kersten East Germany Gold
KNETSCH-KÖPKE, Christiane East Germany Gold
SCHÜTZ, Birgit East Germany Gold
LOHS-KUHN, Gabriele East Germany Gold
RICHTER, Ilona East Germany Gold
SANDIG, Marita East Germany Gold
METZE, Karin East Germany Gold
WILKE, Marina East Germany Gold
PIVOVAROVA, Olga Soviet Union Silver
UMANETS, Nina Soviet Union Silver
PRISHCHEPA, Nadezhda Soviet Union Silver
ZHULINA, Valentina Soviet Union Silver
STETSENKO, Tatiana Soviet Union Silver
TERESHINA, Elena Soviet Union Silver
PREOBRAZHENSKAIA, Nina Soviet Union Silver
PAZIUN, Maria Soviet Union Silver
FROLOVA, Nina Soviet Union Silver
APOSTEANU, Angelica Romania Bronze
ZAGONI, Marlena Romania Bronze
FRINTU, Rodica Romania Bronze
BUCUR, Florica Romania Bronze
PUSCATU-ARBA, Rodica Romania Bronze
ILIUTA, Ana Romania Bronze
CONSTANTINESCU, Maria Romania Bronze
BONDAR, Elena Romania Bronze
DOBRITOIU, Elena Romania Bronze