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Olympiad Medal Results

1968: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Men

1968: Artistic Gymnastics - team competition Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ENDO, Yukio Japan Gold
KATO, Takeshi Japan Gold
NAKAYAMA, Akinori Japan Gold
KATO, Sawao Japan Gold
TSUKAHARA, Mitsuo Japan Gold
KENMOTSU, Eizo Japan Gold
VORONIN, Mikhail Soviet Union Silver
DIOMIDOV, Sergei Soviet Union Silver
LISITSKY, Viktor Soviet Union Silver
KARASEV, Valeri Soviet Union Silver
KLIMENKO, Viktor Soviet Union Silver
ILYINYKH, Valeri Soviet Union Silver
FÜLLE, Siegfried East Germany Bronze
KÖSTE, Klaus East Germany Bronze
BREHME, Matthias East Germany Bronze
DIETRICH, Gerhard East Germany Bronze
WEBER, Peter East Germany Bronze
BEIER, Günter East Germany Bronze