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The Results for IONESCU, Claudiu Eugen

Olympiad Medal Results

1980: Handball - handball Men

1980: Handball - handball Men

Athlete Nation Medal
VOIGT, Siegfried East Germany Gold
DREIBRODT, Gunter East Germany Gold
ROST, Peter East Germany Gold
GRUNER, Klaus East Germany Gold
BEYER, Hans-Georg East Germany Gold
SCHMIDT, Dietmar East Germany Gold
KRUGER, Hartmut East Germany Gold
DOERING, Lothar East Germany Gold
GERLACH, Ernst East Germany Gold
WAHL, Frank-Michael East Germany Gold
WIEGERT, Ingolf East Germany Gold
SCHMIDT, Wieland East Germany Gold
HOFT, Rainer East Germany Gold
JAUNICH, Hans-Georg East Germany Gold
ISHCHENKO, Mikhail Soviet Union Silver
MAKHORIN, Viktor Soviet Union Silver
KUSHNIRYUK, Sergei Soviet Union Silver
KARSHAKEVICH, Aleksandr Soviet Union Silver
KRAVTSOV, Vladimir Soviet Union Silver
BELOV, Vladimir Soviet Union Silver
FEDYUKIN, Anatoli Soviet Union Silver
ANPILOGOV, Aleksandr Soviet Union Silver
CHERNYSHOV, Evgeni Soviet Union Silver
ZHUK, Aleksei Soviet Union Silver
TOMIN, Nikolai Soviet Union Silver
KIDYAEV, Yuri Soviet Union Silver
REPIEV, Vladimir Soviet Union Silver
NOVITSKI, Valdemar Soviet Union Silver
MUNTEANU, Nicolae Romania Bronze
DUMITRU, Marian Romania Bronze
BOROS, Iosif Romania Bronze
VOINEA, Maricel Romania Bronze
STINGA, Vasile Romania Bronze
VOINEA, Radu Romania Bronze
DRAGANITA, Cezar Romania Bronze
DURAU, Cornel Romania Bronze
BIRTALAN, Stefan Romania Bronze
FOLKER, Alexandru Romania Bronze
VASILCA, Neculai Romania Bronze
VASILACHE, Lucian Romania Bronze
COSMA, Adrian Romania Bronze
IONESCU, Claudiu Eugen Romania Bronze