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Olympiad Medal Results

1912: Sailing - 10m Mixed

1912: Sailing - 10m Mixed

Athlete Nation Medal
HELLSTRÍM, Carl Ludwig Sweden Gold
WALLERIUS, Eric G. Sweden Gold
WALLIN, Harald Sweden Gold
LUNDEN, Humbert Sweden Gold
NYBERG, Herman Sweden Gold
ROSENW─RD, Harry Sweden Gold
ISBERG, Paul Sweden Gold
ERICSSON, Filip Sweden Gold
WAHL, Harry Finland Silver
BJÍRKSTEN, Waldemar Finland Silver
BJÍRNSTRÍM, Jacob Karl Finland Silver
BRENNER, Bror Benedikt Finland Silver
FRANCK, Allan Finland Silver
LINDH, Erik Finland Silver
PEKKALAINEN, Adolf Aarne Finland Silver
BELOSELSKY, Ester Not Defined Bronze
BRASCHE, Ernest Not Defined Bronze
PUSCHNITSKY, Nikola´ Not Defined Bronze
RODIONOV, Aleksandr Not Defined Bronze
SCHOMAKER, Iossif Not Defined Bronze
STRAUCH, Filip Not Defined Bronze
LINDBLOM, Karl Not Defined Bronze