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The Results for ISLAH, Ud Din

Olympiad Medal Results

1972: Hockey - hockey Men 1976: Hockey - hockey Men

1972: Hockey - hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
KRAUS, Peter West Germany Gold
PETER, Michael West Germany Gold
FREISE, Dieter West Germany Gold
KRAUSE, Michael West Germany Gold
THELEN, Eduard West Germany Gold
DROSE, Horst West Germany Gold
KELLER, Carsten West Germany Gold
KLAES, Ulrich West Germany Gold
BAUMGART, Wolfgang West Germany Gold
VOS, Ulrich West Germany Gold
TRUMP, Peter West Germany Gold
ROTT, Wolfgang West Germany Gold
KAESSMANN, Werner West Germany Gold
STRODTER, Wolfgang West Germany Gold
KITTSTEIN, Detlef West Germany Gold
SEIFERT, Rainer West Germany Gold
SUHL, Eckard West Germany Gold
SCHMIDT, Fritz West Germany Gold
SHERWANI, Saleem Pakistan Silver
AKHTAR, Ul Islam Pakistan Silver
MUNAWAR, Uz-Zaman Pakistan Silver
SAEED, Anwar Pakistan Silver
RIAZ, Ahmad Pakistan Silver
FAZAL, Ur Rehman Pakistan Silver
ISLAH, Ud Din Pakistan Silver
SYED, Mudassar Ashgar Pakistan Silver
ABDUL, Rashid Pakistan Silver
MALIK, Muhammad Azam Pakistan Silver
MUHAMMAD, Shahnaz Pakistan Silver
AKHTAR, Rasool Pakistan Silver
SYED, Iftikar Ahmed Pakistan Silver
ZAHID, Muhammad Pakistan Silver
BUTT, Jahangir Ahmad Pakistan Silver
CHARLES, Cornelius India Bronze
SINGH, Mukhbain India Bronze
KINDO, Michael India Bronze
PERUMAL, Krishnanurthy India Bronze
SINGH, Ajitpal India Bronze
SINGH, Harmik India Bronze
MOLLERAPOOVAYYA, Ganesh India Bronze
SINGH, Harbinder India Bronze
KUMAR, Ashok India Bronze
SINGH, Harcharan India Bronze
FREDERICK, Manuel India Bronze
SINGH, Kulwant India Bronze
SINGH, Virinder India Bronze

1976: Hockey - hockey Men

Athlete Nation Medal
ACKERLEY, Paul New Zealand Gold
ARCHIBALD, Geoffrey New Zealand Gold
BORREN, Thurman New Zealand Gold
CHESNEY, Alan New Zealand Gold
CHRISTENSEN, John Hansen New Zealand Gold
DAMAN, Gregory New Zealand Gold
INESON, Tony New Zealand Gold
MC INTYRE, Alan Lionel New Zealand Gold
MCLEOD, Neil New Zealand Gold
MAISTER, Barry John New Zealand Gold
MAISTER, Selwyn Gerald New Zealand Gold
MANNING, Trevor New Zealand Gold
PARKIN, Arthur New Zealand Gold
PATEL, Mohan New Zealand Gold
PATEL, Ramesh New Zealand Gold
WILSON, Les New Zealand Gold
HAIGH, Robert Australia Silver
CHARLESWORTH, Richard Australia Silver
BELL, David Australia Silver
BROWNING, Gregory Australia Silver
COOKE, Ian Australia Silver
DANCER, Barry Australia Silver
GOLDER, Thomas Douglas Australia Silver
HAMMOND, Wayne Australia Silver
IRVINE, James Australia Silver
MARSHALL, Stephen Australia Silver
POOLE, Malcolm Australia Silver
PROCTOR, Robert Australia Silver
REID, Graham Australia Silver
RILEY, Ronald Australia Silver
SMITH, Trevor Australia Silver
WALSH, Terence Australia Silver
SHERWANI, Saleem Pakistan Bronze
MANZOOR, Hassan Pakistan Bronze
MUNAWAR, Uz-Zaman Pakistan Bronze
SALIM, Nazim Pakistan Bronze
AKHTAR, Rasool Pakistan Bronze
SYED, Iftikar Ahmed Pakistan Bronze
ISLAH, Ud Din Pakistan Bronze
MANZOOR, Hussain Pakistan Bronze
ABDUL, Rashid Pakistan Bronze
SHAIKH, Shahnaz Pakistan Bronze
KHAN, Sami Ullah Pakistan Bronze
QAMAR, Zia Pakistan Bronze
ARSHAD, Mahmood Pakistan Bronze
CHAUDHRY, Arshad Ali Pakistan Bronze
SYED, Mudassar Ashgar Pakistan Bronze
HANEEF, Khan Pakistan Bronze