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Olympiad Medal Results

1936: Water polo - water polo Men

1936: Water polo - water polo Men

Athlete Nation Medal
BRODY, György Hungary Gold
SÁRKÁNY, Miklós Hungary Gold
HOMONNAI, Lajos Hungary Gold
HALASSY, Oliver Hungary Gold
BRANDI, Jenö Hungary Gold
NEMETH, János Hungary Gold
BOZSI, Mihaly Hungary Gold
KUTASI, György Hungary Gold
TARICS, Sandor Hungary Gold
MOLNAR, Istvan Hungary Gold
HAZAI, Kalman Hungary Gold
KLINGENBURG, Paul Germany Silver
BAIER, Bernhard Germany Silver
SCHÜRGER, Gustav Germany Silver
GUNST, Fritz Germany Silver
HAUSER, Josef Germany Silver
SCHNEIDER, Hans Germany Silver
SCHULZE, Hans Germany Silver
STOLZE, Fritz Germany Silver
KRUG, Heinrich Germany Silver
SCHWENN, Helmuth Germany Silver
KIENZLE, Alfred Germany Silver
DISY, Henri Belgium Bronze
DE COMBE, Joseph Belgium Bronze
STOELEN, Henri Belgium Bronze
ISSELE, Fernand Belgium Bronze
DE PAUW, Henri Belgium Bronze
BLITZ, Gerard Belgium Bronze
COPPIETERS, Pierre Belgium Bronze
CASTELEYNS, Albert Belgium Bronze
MICHIELS, Edmond Belgium Bronze